Sebastian Lambertz, clarinet

Sebastian Lambertz received his first clarinet lessons at the age of 10. After studying in the pre-college in Düsseldorf under the tutelage of Ulf Rodenhäuser, he continued his studies in Weimar with Martin Spangenberg and in Cologne with Ralph Manno. His first professional engagement with an orchestra was from 2010-2012, while he was still a student, with the Hanover City Opera where he was clarinetist and bass clarinetist. He also appeared as soloist with the Belgischen Symphoniker. Sebastian’s long standing interest in music and its relationship to the other arts brought him to found, in 2012, the “ensemble rhapsodie” with the goal of developing a unique artistic language through interdisciplinary work. In 2013, Sebastian made his leap onto the international scene, relocating to New York City, where he is now studying with Charles Neidich.